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One website provides instructions on how to induce lactation.

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Give them a unique and practical present – ABA membership! Come to a relaxed, information-packed Breastfeeding Education Class for expectant mothers and their partners!

Giving the gift of membership will connect your friend or loved one to all of the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA)’s support services and networks.

One blogger writes, “For me, being able to nurse someone is almost unexplainable, but the best way I know how to describe it is: yes, there's eroticism involved because breastfeeding an adult is still primarily taboo in mainstream society...

But really, the biggest thing for me (being the altruist that I am) is the idea of caring for someone and nurturing them in a way that no one else in their life does or could.

The idea that they're gaining sustenance from something I'm providing from my body as nature intended breasts to be used for.” Proponents of the fetish often point to the fact that breastfeeding releases oxytocin, the same hormone that is released when a person falls in love.

Some women claim the act can result in orgasm, or “breastgasms,” as they’ve been termed.

Jessica Anne Colletti, from Pennsylvania, shared the photo - which shows her feeding both her own 16-month-old son, Lucian, and her friend Charlie Interrante's 18-month-old son, Mateo - on a pro-breastfeeding page.

Then last month, the 25-year-old hair stylist and single mother moved in with Colletti and her husband, Ben.

We see images of them plastered across shop windows and magazine covers, flashing across television screens.

If you get stuck on a crowded subway, you’re likely to bump into a few pairs. You can make them bigger and you can make them smaller.

A simple Google search demonstrates just how wide the community spans.


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