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“I hope that [Blind Café] puts guests in touch with themselves in a way that helps them learn and grow and pay attention to how they relate to themselves and each other.” Pitch black dining room Blind servers led each line of guests into the pitch black dining room one at a time.

I felt my own steps immediately become an uncertain shuffle as I gripped my server’s shoulder a little tighter.

We let the blind tasting begin, and it was eye-opening to realize how much we initially rely on vision.

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This one benefits The VEX Project, an organization which empowers the blind through career mentoring and professional consultation.

“We’re using darkness as a tool to initiate social change and we also have a blind awareness element,” he explains.

Rocheleau attended a café in the dark while traveling through Iceland, and decided he wanted to recreate a similar experience, using music and food to build community.

Proceeds from each event go to a local blind community.

“You don’t want to let go because it’s going to be completely pitch black in there.” “The first 20 minutes is most challenging of this event, so we have a buddy system,” adds Rosh Rocheleau.

“And your job is to help each other not lose your shit.” Once everyone is seated, Rocheleau tells them they’re free to “chat away, do back flips, yoga, whatever you want to do. ” We file into the dark, hands on each other’s shoulders as instructed.Tonight’s dinner will be different than most and requires directions.“You’re going to be led into the dining room by the waiter, holding each other’s shoulders like this,” explains Brandon Langdon, who’s sporting a cowboy hat and a jovial demeanor.“When you listen to the words of our music, you interpret that in your own head and decide what it means to you,” explained Flores.“When you eat the food without looking at it, you have to guess — you have to imagine.We are here for Blind Café, a touring sensory experience meant to connect people and raise awareness for the visually impaired.

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