Blind dating 101 collingwood dating

Bonus: This wasn’t a deciding factor, but I did like that neither cares much about height.

Brian stands about an inch shorter than Danielle, but he’s dated women as much as six inches taller than himself, and as for Danielle, she doesn’t want to miss out on something great just because of an inch or two difference.

When we were texting later, we included those jokes. I’m actually better at talking about myself than I am asking questions, but even my best friend, when I told her about it afterward, was like, “Oh my God, you know so much stuff about him!

Like at the olive oil place (Pour), we went around choosing weird oils and balsamics to try, which was really funny, like a key lime balsamic and butter olive oil, just weird things.

That was fun, and we were able to joke around and relax a bit without having to be with a group.

Charlotteans fill out this 37-question Agenda Chem 101 Survey about their make-or-breaks, their ideal types and their ideal dates.

Then the Agenda plays matchmaker by sending couples out on blind dates. This is the next installment of the multi-part series in which I match single Charlotteans of all ages.

And in that text, he could see me tell them, “He’s cute!

” He called me on it, and I was just like, “Oh, God.” We ended up going to Queen Park Social to meet up with some of my friends and we played each other in basketball. Kevin: When we ended back up at Foxcroft, where we started, we decided to split a bottle of the rosé that they’d given us to try earlier in the tour.

It was like, what kind of person doesn’t have social media?

Turns out, he just uses different names on the platforms. I really like guys with manners, and he asked me to sit down and asked if I wanted anything to drink. Kevin: I thought she was cute and seemed super smart. The second stop on the tour was a vegan restaurant, and we both kind of connected over some jokes about us not being vegans to any degree.

But I’m also from here, so it’s hard to find anyone that doesn’t know anyone I know. I meet people organically but also use Bumble a little bit.

There’s always some sort of connection, like they know my cousin, or went to school with my best friend. Friends of friends or at a concert or a Christmas party or something like that. I think Charlotte has potential, but maybe I’m just hanging out at the wrong places. I’ve lived here right about a year now, and I probably haven’t jumped in to the dating scene as much as I would have liked. The dating scene is relatively comparable to Atlanta.

It was nice because even though everyone was in their own groups, we still had to talk at a table and walk together.

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