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I searched for an answer,yet didn't see anything or - about this. Frascino Hi, You searched for an answer and didn't find anything about this topic? I'm hearing answers all over the map- that one can't catch someone elses virus, that undectables can't be reinfected, to- one can catch a multi drug resistant strain even if undectable.

The positive community seems distrustful of the prevention community because they will "tow the line" and say what they are told to say.

Is there solid eveidence to base these crucial desisions on.

This is from one who went through hell and came back to life and is 12 years out undectable.

Also could you point to any well recegonised resources i can get him to read. (See below.) There is some risk of superinfection/dual infection if you choose to have unprotected sex. That you both have undetectable viral loads decreases the risk of HIV transmission significantly. You could try different types of condoms, such as polyurethane, instead of latex. Alternatively, you could talk to your doctor about erectile-dysfunction medications (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra). Frascino Hello, You had unprotected sex with "2 people 1 twice and the other 2 times"???? However, exactly how often this actually happens is difficult to assess.

Can you clarify to me if there is a chance he can catch another strain of HIV thus weakening his position. Frascino Hello, This issue comes up frequently with poz-poz couples.

It appears to happen more frequently in early infection.

I'll report below some information about dual infections. The "undetectable can't be reinfected" story may stem form the "Swiss Report." This report suggested that under specific circumstances (HIV plasma viral load suppressed to undetectable levels for greater than six months without concurrent STDs) HIVers would not transmit the virus to HIV-negative partners.

We always have protected anal sex (oral unprotected) My partner continues to have unprotected sex with other positive guys even though i have stressed that this is bad.

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