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They would have hoped in Him to transform their national life from chaos, in a pagan chaotic environment (Egypt)to order and blessing, in an environment He would create for them (Canaan).

God's superiority over the forces their pagan neighbors worshipped out of fear (gods of the darkness, the sun, moon, planets, and stars, the watery deep, etc.) would have strengthened their faith.

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B' Scene 6 (narrative): God is the main actor, man plays a minor role, the woman and the serpent are passive (-21). Adam would die because of disobedience, not because of the fruit of the tree.

A' Scene 7 (narrative): God is the sole actor, and man is passive (-24). Someone posted on their church marquee: "Forbidden fruits create many jams." "Adam was denied the tree of the knowledge of good and evil to test his obedience and prove that he was willingly under God's command.

D Scene 4 (narrative): The man and the woman are primary (3:6-8).

C' Scene 5 (dialogue): God converses with the man and the woman (3:9-13). Note that He graciously gave him broad permission before changing this to narrow restriction. God's command also implies that He alone knows what is good and not good for man.

I believe Genesis :3 is the big picture of creation, and the rest of chapter 2 retells the creation of man. Even though he was in God's image, man was a creature like other creatures God had made. "Eden" (meaning "delight," "pleasure," or perhaps "place of abundant waters") therefore appears to have been located in the general area of the Promised Land (vv. An exception is the Mosaic Covenant, in which the fulfillment of the promises contained in the covenant depended on Israel's obedience. Man should normally live in community, even as God does. It is not a demeaning term, since Scripture often uses it to describe God Himself (e.g., Ps. "The word help suggests that the man has governmental priority, but both sexes are mutually dependent on each other.

Chapter 2 verses 4 and 5 set the stage for what follows by explaining what agricultural land was like before man started farming. This rules out the view that man descended from the gods, which was popular in the ancient Near East and was foundational in Egyptian cosmology. nesama) was God's breath that gave Adam life, spiritual understanding (Job 32:8), and a functioning conscience (Prov. It may also have imparted moral, intellectual, relational, and spiritual capacities. The Edenic Covenant was also different, in that God promised death for failure to obey His command: to abstain from eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God not only evaluated Adam's condition, He also rectified it. The man is created first, with the woman to help the man, not vice versa (see also 1 Tim. She was comparable to him, in contrast to the rest of the animal creation.We learn from the creation account (1) that God is a redeeming God who changes darkness to light, death to life, and chaos to blessing; (2) that God is absolutely sovereign over all life and all pagan ideas that would contend for our allegiance; and (3) that God works by His powerful Wordto create, to redeem, and to sanctify. "The section begins with a description of the creation of Adam and Eve and traces their sin, God's curse on sin, and the expansion of sin in their descendants.Obedience to His powerful Word, either the written Word, or the living Word, our Savior, will transform believers into His glorious image." Genesis tells us what became of the creation that God described in :3. No longer at rest, mankind experienced flight and fear, making his way in the world, surviving, and developing civilization.Their God had also created them as a nation, so they could look forward to the future with confidence."This passage is significant also in the lives of Christians.Let us beware of allowing our interests to divert us from the central thrust of the book so that we miss what the L The main point of the story of creation (:3) is that God turned chaos into an orderly, blessed, good creation by His word.


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