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Could this be an implantation bleed or the start of a period? I found messages of my boyfriend asking his ex to send booty pics back in October.

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Breach the glass-and-concrete bunker of the Anaheim Convention Center on Expo weekend, and you pass into a parallel dimension populated by pink-haired schoolgirls and DIY 'droids, portly alien invaders and bespectacled ninja assassins.

Anime Expo is now in its 14th year as North America's largest annual conclave of Japanese animation enthusiasts, and according to 2005 Expo chair Darold Higa, its popularity has risen steadily over its decade and a half of existence.

To outsiders, these fans were so removed, so incomprehensible, that they could only be addressed with a term one might use with a complete stranger -- or, perhaps, an alien being.

Neighboring geek domains embraced the expression as well.

Lawrence Eng, a doctoral candidate at Renssaeler Polytechnic Institute who's made the anime fan community the primary focus of his research, remembers the era when he first became a fan, back in the early '90s.

"When I first started going to conventions, everyone looked like me: males in their late 20s and 30s, a lot of them Asian," he says.

Indeed, the initiated know that anime isn't just an entertainment medium, it's a lifestyle choice. " -- the first feature-length documentary on the history of anime fandom in America -- puts it, "There's a strange and amazing passion some of these fans have that drives them to involve fandom in all aspects of their lives, to spend all of their free time dedicated to their hobby of choice. They organize fan subtitling groups, they dress up in costumes, they come up to you and talk for 45 minutes straight about this thing they love, whether you're listening or not. It also became clearer to him as the project evolved that anime fandom had moved into a central role in the pop marketplace.

They've got this frenetic, kinetic energy about them. "You'd go to Suncoast Video, and you'd see that the anime section was larger than any other part of the store," says Bresler.

We're actually averaging about 20 percent annual growth, year over year." AX's brisk expansion has been in part a reflection of the rapid assimilation of anime into American pop culture.

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