Aries dating

For example, there are times when, no matter how many positive things happen in your life, you're feeling too overwhelmed, grumpy or just blah to appreciate them.

That kind of day might merit a Mood word like 'pensive' or 'chaotic.' Conversely, there are days when one obstacle after another pops up in your path -- and yet you've got the grace and optimism needed to deal with each new hurdle like a champion.

' Hard' aspects, or ones that cause friction, confusion and difficulty, will make your day more intense.

Thus, a low intensity score is actually a good thing -- it means that your day should progress with few obstacles and a minimum of fuss.

A day like this might earn you a Mood word like 'undaunted' or ' Dynamic.'.

Aries don't generally play mind games, and you will typically know exactly where you stand when dating an Aries.

They can sometimes be relatively aggressive and domineering partners, but it's done in a genuine, enthusiastic and bold manner which is hard to find fault with.

Overall the excitement of dating an Aries overrides their take charge attitude.;)Whether male or female it's worth noting that Aries don't want weak partners.Just because they tend towards being dominating it doesn't mean they don't want to work for it!Unlike the other planets, however, the Moon completes each cycle in a mere 28 days.That makes it astrology's fastest-moving 'planet'! That also helps to explain how fast our feelings and moods can change.These keywords are a mini-reading of your emotional state for the day, and are closely related to your 5-star rating.

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