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The Son of the carpenter was the builder of the divine character, hence the helper, mediator, revelator, and example for others; a needed stimulus in their efforts to conform to the Original Desing, unfolded to their vision by both his precept and his example.That Original Design is, and must be, to-day what it was in the days of the Nazarene, changless throughout all future days.It follows, then, that discovery of the Original Design is the first step toward the fulfillment of that destiny. Her processes can be anticipated because she is steadfast.

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1/mode/1up We are told that Jesus of Nazareth was the son of a carpenter.

A carpenter is a builder, and his work of building must be according to prior plan.

Give yourself wholly to the consideration of what this statement means and compels.

As the order unfolds to you a reconciliation may be found that is not seen at first.

This reliance would be misplaced did any one possessing the power of choice cause a seed to produce after its own kind; for the it could be made to produce after another kind.

Because principle and not choice determines result, the result can be anticipated, known before its arrival.

This steadfast order can be counted upon, and the harvest confidently expected after seed-sowing.

There can be no Science of Being and Existence except there be a compelling Principle.

The variety in Nature must be the relativity of parts in a continuous whole.

Where there is relativity there is order; where there is order there is design; where there is design there is that which compels it.

Every Child born into the world is the Onlooker that is the possible discoverer of the Plan, the Original Design antedating all he sees.


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