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You will also have some written exercises to do and occasional audios and videos to go over before a class session.

As a side benefit, you'll go on your merry way and feel relaxed, energized and just plain fantastic.

For each module, there will be required and recommended reading.

Your success in this world occurs at the human interface. But chances are that, whoever you are, you have not fulfilled your true potential yet. And these tools have been so amazingly transformative and empowering for me that I almost feel guilty hoarding them for so long. I chewed on it for a decade or so, picked the best stuff, and put it in a practical format to deliver to you.

Whether in business or social life, you're constantly selling yourself or your ideas. Like a hammer, you can use it to build a beautiful cabinet -- or to smash in people's windows. Look -- if you're , then you spent most of your youth being taught how to be polite. Part of that can be blamed on not having grasped opportunities when they came your way. I really believe everybody should have a hold of them. The course is designed to be a general one on persuasion. The result is the Each module is about 2 hours long.

Curled up on the couch together after a nice dinner, glass of wine in hand, no one else around. And I thought, 'Hmm, now this is actually interesting.' This second time around, I actually paid attention. When you do bring it up, your request gets flatly rejected. -- of potential, of opportunity, of connection, of togetherness, of wealth and abundance. But a lot of great things that have happened in my life in the last ten years would have never happened without these skills.

I started to read all the hypnosis and NLP books I could get my hands on. I could have never turned a chance encounter on the street into a fulfilling long-term relationship without the right tools. Frankly, I'm tired of seeing smart, talented, capable people like yourself living like this. And my mission here at Elite Commmunications is to bring you the absolute best practical educational material anywhere in the world to empower you and help you live an even more fulfilling life. Because what makes you feel like a million bucks is getting stuff done.

Nor could I have landed a job with the world's #1 management consulting firm after going through 11 interviews. But please -- it's about time to banish all that wimpy, indecisive nonsense that passes for politeness and start to ask for what you truly deserve in life. And to do it in the context of integrity so you can use it full-blast with all the force of your being. That feeling of empowerment that comes when you get results.

Or gotten one of the 12 spots at a super-selective Master's program at Cambridge. I don't know if you will always receive when you ask. How much time you have spent on this Earth I do not know. What you have to realize is that, first and foremost, I am a teacher. So what I've done is that I've taken a lot of information that's out there, from psychology, neuroscience, Eastern wisdom, neurolinguistic programming, marketing, sales, copywriting, negotiation, linguistics, hypnosis, and my own experience.

That way, you don't miss a thing we say, and you can review the material at your own pace, makes notes and highlight the parts you find most useful. If there was someone who could do a better job on a module, I brought them in.

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