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The game goes like this: You want an adorable virgin lass who’s so silly she’ll do whatever you ask.She’ll be in pigtails and she’ll let you put her hands up her short skirt.

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There’s absolutely nothing forbidden so you can tell me anything!

Here you will find the best young girls in the business, who TRULY love fulfilling your ageplay fantasies. We take Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover, along with debit and gift cards with a Visa, MC, AMEX, or Discover logo on them. Again, if we're on another call or unavailable at the time you call, your call will be forwarded to our Backup Service where we have LOTS of naughty friends just waiting to talk to you! Contact: [email protected] Play Phone Sex © 2013-2017 Age Play Phone Sex

So, if a member of the KC Staff speaks to you because they feel that you are in breach of KC rules, you must comply with their request to cease and desist whatever activity they are asking you to stop.

Failure to comply with such a request will eventually result in, either, a) your ability to talk and move around the server being removed for a period of time, b) a temporary ban from the channel in question or c) possibly a temporary ban from the entire server. We DO understand that mistakes can be made, we're all human after all (apart from maybe the Furries : P).

If, on return from a ban, the chatter resumes the behaviour of which s/he has been warned, further bans may be placed which could include a permanent ban from room(s) or the server.

Please do not share your personal information with strangers on the internet.

Her eyes are wide and staring as you push her head down to your throbbing dick.

She gives you little lollipop licks right on the knob. By this time you know you can make her do anything and so you push her on her back and spread her creamy thighs wide. I can be that young innocent virgin just waiting to be fucked really hard. It’s just about some sexy role play while we have our phone sex chat.

Here are just a few of the taboo roleplays our girls love: Daddy's Girl The Hot Babysitter Sexy Little Sister Naughty Catholic School Girl The FIRST Time!


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