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‘Degraded, defiled, lifeless’ According to the police report, Etheridge, Town, Piechotte and Woodworth stopped at Town’s home on the way to Mc Kinney’s house, which is a short distance from the school.

Please print, fill out, and mail to us at PO Box 319, Paoli IN 47454, drop it off at our office at 1660 W. in Paoli, fax to 812.723.5654 or you may also submit your application or resume directly to us at [email protected]

Golden Home Health Care recognizes the unique physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each person and we promise to make our best efforts to satisfy each client's unique needs.

The caring staff at Golden Home Health understands the unique spiritual and emotional needs, as well as the physical requirements, of each our valued clients.

We do everything that we can to ensure those needs are met and address all concerns that each may have.

Todd Heywood A police report from Meridian Township, Michigan detailing an evening of troubling incidents among a group of Haslett Public Schools teachers “drunk shaming” may be but one example of a much broader problem. Heywood, a freelance journalist living in Michigan and a member of the Center for Independent Journalism also writes for Rewire.

This article originally appeared Tuesday morning, October 13th, in the Michigan Messenger.There is nothing more humiliating.” Piechotte said she is going public because she wants her experience to prevent others from having to go through her trauma by bringing awareness to the practice, which has been documented in countless You Tube videos and photos that have become popular online.“You just don’t treat another human being like that,” she said.Piechotte has other words for how the drawings made her feel: “degraded, defiled, lifeless, treated like an object, treated like, frankly, a bathroom stall.” “I have never been so humiliated in my whole …” her voice trailed off during a recent interview with Michigan Messenger.“You ask me to explain it, and I don’t have the words.” Piechotte said she understands that she made inappropriate choices that night.How much information to include is the program's discretion.

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