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The easiest way to improve your church’s website is to improve your main headline. But if you’re having trouble crafting the perfect set of words, one trick I love to offer churches is to just use someone else’s words! Instead of talking about themselves, they use testimonies from people within as their main headline.

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There are hundreds of websites that deserve to be on this list.

This has nothing to do with who’s in and who’s out — it’s all about what’s working in 2017 and how our church’s websites can learn from those leading the way. Their main website — Church On The — is targeted toward new visitors (the way it should be).

People are looking for hope and you can help them find it at your church.

You can help them find unending hope through a relationship with Jesus.

You can listen to my entire conversation with him here - Perhaps the most important part of your church’s website is the headline.

The key is to make the headline about your potential visitor and not about your church. Instead, find the intersection between your church and a potential new visitor – Grace Hills Church does this exceptionally well.

This is a mobile-first site (essentially a web app parked on a domain) where you can take any next step you want to.

This dual-platform presence is the new church website blueprint for 2017. The typography on New Spring’s website is bigger than most.

On COTM’s main site you’ll find information regarding service times, locations, campus information, etc.

But Church on the Move also has a second website — — and this site is dedicated entirely to their existing congregation.

Don’t face it alone.” Here, Cornerstone is tapping into one of the needs that our churches are uniquely positioned to meet: .


  1. In other words, how might it go when a dad and his son sit down to openly compare notes about what's happening with the women in their lives?

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