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This debate has blossomed recently, due to the number of US jurisdictions passing laws creating animal abuse abuser registries. Tennessee passed a statewide law, the first, in 2016. Some other states are considering such a registry as well.

Several counties in New York, Cook County Illinois, Hillsborough County Florida, and others, have already passed such laws.

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Humane Society Spokeswoman Jennifer Fearing said that rather than public shaming, targeted educational programs and mental health efforts would be more effective and less inflammatory.

"We should be very careful to strike a balance between preventing future animal cruelty, protecting civil liberties, and promoting redemption and rehabilitation," she said.

These include some of the country’s largest metropolitan areas such as Tampa, Chicago, and New York City.

Meanwhile, similar laws are worming their way through councils and legislatures in cities and counties across the country.

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So what does such a law mean and how does it change things?

Usually, a violator’s name, alias, address, date of birth, and photo are published on the state or county’s animal abuser website. Users will also be able to see the date of conviction and when it expires.

It monitors for such incidence just as it does for major crimes such as murder.


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